Sara is absolutely amazing at what she does! She is highly intuitive, insightful, and honest. The quality that makes Sara especially profound is the way she empowers her clients by giving them the tools they need to access and trust their own intuition. She is my go-to person when I'm seeking clarity in my life. I've had nothing but positive and helpful experiences in our sessions. I highly recommend Sara!  – Darcy B., From Nevada

I was in need of a reading so I sought out a referral. A couple people I know recommended Sara Love. She was sent to me at the right time! Her last name says it all. She is caring, kind and speaks straight from the Divine! She reminded me that I too am surrounded by love, I felt encouraged and supported after our reading and can't wait to have another session with her! – Michelle D., From Colorado

I loved my call with Sara because not only was it insightful, but her translation helped me to make lasting change which means she hit the deep golden stuff! Her messages helped me to access a new height and depth of information; confirmations and leads everywhere. I began to physically feel better, too, after taking the advice on needed dietary changes. I loved my time with her so much, that I sent my best friend to her immediately! – Nicole K. From Florida

I cannot even begin to express how much I loved my angel card reading with Sara. Right from the start, it became so apparent that Sara has a connection to the angelic realm that is strong and potent! As we worked through the reading, I had a deep sense of calm and knowing that the information she was providing me was meant especially for me. She gave me lots of insight into which angels to connect with for the current challenges in my life, and her love and compassion made me feel so safe and heard. If you want to have a deep connection with your angels and learn more about how they can assist you with every facet of your life, I highly recommend working with Sara. From the moment you get on a call with her you will know how deeply and profoundly connected she is to angels. She is a beautiful conduit for their benevolent love and light. – Sherri H., From Canada

Sara is a delight to know!  My personal experience with Sara as a Personal Life Coach and Angel Card Reader have been both positive and enlightening.  Her angel card readings have helped me to gain insight into both present and past situations, as my angels have directed her during our readings.  It has ALL been done in a safe and secure manner, allowing only our guardian angels and guides, and archangels into the sessions.  Sara has a playful yet knowledgeable way about her, which is presented during our sessions, as we have looked at  my life paths and possibilities together. Having known Sara personally, for more than a few years, I am excited to endorse her in her new venture, and heartily recommend that you contact her for your personal session today.  Sara is an honest and loving individual, and those traits come through, during our sessions and readings.  Oh, and she's cute too! You will be blessed by the experience! – Sherry W., From Nevada

I've had four sessions with Sara and they have been awesome! She is very intuitive and great at what she does. Sara helps you connect with your soul so you can find what it is you truly need in life and how to obtain it. She meets you with a smile and is very warm and welcoming making it easy to relax and let go so you can free your mind. – Mark K., From Nevada

Sara gave me great insight and clear communication about issues I needed clarity on. Her messages inspired change and was what I needed to hear as she honestly guided me with information that was clearly invoked by spirit. She was friendly and open and I felt very safe talking and sharing with Sara and receiving her guidance. – Kali B., From California

Thank you so much!!!!! That was such an amazing session yesterday. I feel so much clearer today. It was really nice to spend some time looking at my life. You make it really easy to open up. It was really uplifting to hear your encouragement. I loved your simple solutions. It makes my goals so easy to achieve. Thank you so much for your time. – Hugh M., From Nevada