Sara Love is an angel intuitive, oracle, healer and life coach that helps to bring in more clarity, guidance and love to all those that are awakening on their spiritual path. She comes from the Angelic Realm to offer the tools and healing to help bring forth each person's true gifts so that they may radiate their light and love to all of the world. Empowering each individual to find their inner wisdom, courage, self-love and sovereignty, knowing they are so needed at this time as the world shifts to the new understandings of love, joy, and peace on Earth.

About Me....My life has been a spiritual one, where I started out feeling everyone's emotions/energy at a young age. I was always drawn to the spiritual side of life and an avid learner to know and find truth, and why I was here on this planet. I read the basics of different cultures, astrology, numerology, meditation, angels...etc. This was the gateway that opened me up further into my intuitive gifts as I began practicing with oracle cards and the pendulum. I later advanced past my personal studies to taking courses/workshops to find deeper truths, to which this lead me to working with many different spiritual teachers and practices. Main courses I have taken include: Life Coaching, Angel Messenger, Akashic Records, along with a variety of other workshops to help evolve my spiritual gifts. However, as I continued this search for a deeper connection with the Divine and truth outside of myself, I slowly began to realize that all that I was seeking was actually within me. And that my Higher Self was leading me each step along the way to help me awaken to all the beauty and magic this life has to offer!

My Mission...

To provide guidance, clarity, healing, and love to all those that are seeking spiritual awakening at this time. Allowing each person to welcome in the blessings and miracles of everyday life and to truly start living the life of their dreams!